The Adyton Operations Kit (AOK): Built for a Modern, Mobile, Military Workforce

Our team’s mission began with a deep understanding of the basic aspects of military operations, and the challenges those bring to leaders across echelons to make mission. Teams are dispersed across geography, information is dispersed across systems, and security is critical to maintaining the upper hand on our adversaries. But while distributed workforces and the need for security are unchanging facets of military life, the friction associated with maintenance and capture of operational data doesn’t have to be.

We believe in a world where military personnel can use something as simple as the phones in their pockets to track data in a central place, connect with their teammates no matter where they are, and securely share information across the chain of command. We believe in a world where military leaders can find key operations data at the drop of a hat, in one place, giving them a real picture of the readiness of their resources, and arming them with that understanding to better react to unfolding situations in real-time. We believe in a world where the enterprise can  enhance the reach of its data systems, leverage new data to dominate our adversaries, and ultimately strengthen our national security institutions.

We are building this world with the Adyton Operations Kit (AOK) - the world’s first software productivity suite built for a modern, mobile military workforce. The promise of the Adyton Operations Kit is simple: AOK helps teams be brilliant at the basics.

The Adyton Operations Kit is mobile and web-based software that blends key components of defense operations - people, property, and time - into a cohesive, user-friendly interface that generates valuable operations data. AOK is designed to tackle the complexity of military information flows, and consists of multiple unique Mission Modules that simplify core workflows. Organizations have the flexibility to tailor their workspace with the right combination of Mission Modules to meet their mission needs.:

  • Mustr: A personnel accountability solution, giving leaders real-time visibility into the status and readiness of their formations. It empowers leaders to cut through the noise of modern technology to act quickly.
  • Log-E: An equipment management solution, digitizing the tedious paper trail associated with maintaining property accountability across distributed workforces.
  • Skeds: A 21st-century operational scheduling solution for maximizing productivity and reducing cognitive load associated with planning complex operations.

With AOK, military professionals can generate a packing list in under 30 seconds, disseminate a warning order to their team with three taps on their phone, and generate a DD 1750 in a few seconds. This is the brilliance of getting the basics right. By eliminating the friction associated with outdated systems and processes, teams can give time back to the mission itself.  They can use tailored workflows to enhance readiness, increase responsiveness, and improve resilience.

AOK empowers:

  • Leaders to make real-time decisions based in truth, to guide their teams and take care of them more effectively.
  • Military personnel to better manage on-the-ground information
  • Teams to make mission

All Adyton Operations Kit Mission Modules are designed to meet the most sensitive workloads  including IL5+ and Classified use cases, and are built from the ground up to address the most stringent security and compliance requirements:

  • FIPS 140-2 Security Level 3 compliant
  • US federal NIST 800-53r5 security controls
  • Meets CNSSI 1253 and CNSSI 1253F data protection standards to include privacy marked data including PII and PHI.
  • Built using a memory safe language as recommended by the National Security Agency.

AOK is more than just software - it’s a way of getting work done. It helps build and reflect real-world operational structures, streamlines communication, and makes operations smooth and efficient. It is designed to cut through the chaos of daily information flow, helping warfighters lead their teams, complete their missions, and take care of themselves. AOK  is an essential tool that will increase effectiveness, enhance decision-making, and ensure we stay ahead of our adversaries.

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