Step into the next generation of equipment management with Log-E: digitize your property book for real-time visibility into equipment status and mission readiness.

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The Right Tool, In the Right Place, At the Right Time

Log-E ensure that your equipment is properly accounted for both during and in between physical equipment inventories.  Streamline and digitize the paperwork processes that consume valuable time while at home or on-the-go.

For the Soldier

Easily understand what gear you’re being assigned. Leverage and add status details to individual items in the catalog for overall awareness.

For the Supply SGt

Save an immense amount of time by automating equipment paperwork. Manage access to assigned equipment records all in one app, your new pocket property book.

For the Commander

Get the ground-truth of the status of your equipment. Make more informed decisions around force readiness and mission capabilities.

For the Enterprise

Log-E generates a unique new data set never before captured with existing Army systems. It offers the opportunity to aggregate data across the enterprise to unlock major insights into mission capabilities and force readiness.

The line between order and disorder lies in logistics.

The line between order and disorder lies in logistics.

Digitized Paper Trail

  • Generate and share sub-hand receipts with just a few clicks
  • Quickly capture digital signatures whenever equipment changes hands
  • Easy on-the-go access to critical property documents and records such as property books, lateral transfer forms, and signature cards
  • Access real-time information on-the-go from the mobile application; review reports and manage data from the convenience of your desktop

No More Guesswork

  • Note taking function provides more robust descriptions to fill in knowledge gaps about equipment such as when serial numbers are unavailable
  • End users can append images to ensure positive identification of specific items
  • Built-in search allows users to leverage tags and notes to quickly navigate to one or more item to view item details or take specific actions
  • Merge/Diff tool allows users to identify changes to inventory when property book updates roll out

“I’m an Android user and the first version of Log-E was only supported on iOS. After seeing my peers use it, I bought a freaking iPhone.”

- Special Forces Engineering Sergeant

The Security of Your Data Is Our Highest Priority

Log-E is built on our premier Zero Trust Platform. Our technology is built from the ground up to meet the most stringent security and compliance requirements in the industry—so you know your data is always safe.

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