Built with input from dozens of USAF units, Skeds transforms how work gets done and brings scheduling into the 21st Century. Skeds enables unit leaders to refine the scheduling process and generate new data for a ground-truth understanding of mission readiness.

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Scheduling and planning are fundamental processes for most military operations -- yet many still do this in analog ways.

Skeds securely digitizes outdated processes that often only exist on an office whiteboard, excel spreadsheets, text message chains, and in hard-to-access enterprise software systems.

Skeds makes data-driven decision-making a reality for teams with mission-critical jobs where security is essential, connectivity is challenging and compliance is a requirement.

  • Rapid, Effective Decision-Making
    Web and mobile software access allows users to provide key data whenever and wherever they are.

  • Maximize Productivity
    Achieve lean, efficient operations through proactive planning for readiness requirements and optimized resource allocation.

  • Simplify Complex Operations
    Reduce the cognitive load associated with planning in fast-paced and rapidly changing environments.


Developed through multiple Air Force Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) awards and the Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) program, including an ongoing TACFI project.

Skeds is part of the Adyton Operations Kit and is built on our zero trust platform, enabling precise access, real-time collaboration, and advanced data protection.

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Trusted by thousands of service members and organizations every day, including the US Navy, Air Force, National Guard and Army.

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All Adyton Operations Kit modules are designed to meet the most sensitive workloads and are built from the ground up to address the most stringent security and compliance requirements. To learn more visit our trust center.



Purpose-built features to address US federal NIST 800-53r5 security controls.
All data in transit is encrypted using TLS 1.3 AWS-Libcrypto, NIST certificate #4631
Designed to meet the most sensitive workloads including IL5+ and Classified use cases
All data is encrypted at rest using cryptographic key material generated and stored in an AWS Cloud HSM, NIST certificate number #3521
FIPS 140-2 Security Level 3 compliant: Store sensitive government information on secure cryptographic modules.
Remote wipe functionality: administrators can purge end user device application data without affecting other information on the user device.
Designed for DoD FedRAMP+ MMX (Control Overlay)
Remotely access revocation: prevent unauthorized access in case of account suspension or device loss.
Architected to meet CNSSI 1253 and CNSSI 1253F data protection standards to include privacy marked data including PII and PHI.
Built using a memory safe language as recommended by the National Security Agency.

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