be brilliant at the basics with aok

The Adyton Operations Kit, or “AOK”, is the world’s first mobile productivity suite purpose-built for military workforces.

Through AOK's modules, organizations can generate and aggregate user data to power rapid, effective decision-making.

It streamlines daily information flows to help warfighters accomplish their mission, lead their teams, and care for themselves.

AOK goes where they do - any network, any time, any place.





AOK's modules solve warfighter pain while closing the data gap for the enterprise with real-time user generated data. Our modules streamline daily operations workflows, including equipment inventories, personnel accountability, personnel record auditing, and more, all the while generating a leverageable data asset for the enterprise.


build organizations & teams that reflect real world structures

Our users work in a world of hierarchy.

Other existing tools don’t reflect the chain of command in a way that is easy to understand and allows for appropriate permissions at the same time.

AOK's hierarchical organizations is a core feature that allows organizations to recreate their structures within the mobile suite -- unlocking nuanced reporting and informational views across the enterprise.  

Within AOK, organizations can select from our various modules to digitize their data picture and increase confidence in their reporting.

AOK empowers teams of teams to communicate freely and connect freely as well, while simultaneously streamlining information flows for leadership.

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All AOK modules support a base set of access roles as well as customizations, allowing organizational leaders to delegate team leads and limit functionality for regular users.


Our software is built so that it is intuitive and easy to use for admins, leaders, and soldiers at every level.


Ensure only the right people can access and control key information with remote wipe, remote access verification, multi-factor authentication, and device authentication.



Mobile applications present unique challenges to organizations with distributed workforces. Information is on the move, users are remote, and data is accessed on multiple devices. But business still needs to get done.

Our technology makes BYOD a reality for the most highly regulated organizations.


Unparalleled: Double the Encryption

Our technology is designed from the ground up to meet the most stringent security and compliance requirements, including US Department of Defense Impact Level 5 FOUO & CUI information data protection.

We believe it’s the first out-of-the box, double-encrypted mobile application stack.


Compliant: Easy Accreditation

Our technology is built on features designed to address NIST Special Publication 800-53r4 security controls for mobile devices in accordance with CNSSI 1253 and the CNSSI 1253F Privacy Overlay for Personally Identifying Information (PII).

Our products are designed to be accredited for government users.


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