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Mustr is the “digital knife-hand” for daily and rapid personnel accountability, real-time response data visibility, and automated status and response reporting.


The Right Tools, In the Right Place, At the Right Time

Existing tools don’t cut it for distributed teams & organizations. Join leaders of all levels and ranks in breaking free from phone trees and text chains with Mustr.


Cut Through Complexity

Streamline workflows, centralize communication and simplify time-consuming tasks with a single source of truth for sharing information, setting priorities and tracking responses.



Make data-driven decisions based on real-time information with automated data collection and seamless visibility into the state of your teams.



React to fast-changing needs on the ground by easily managing team membership and structures—and sending critical information across your organization with lightning speed.


Mustr Connects the real world with the digital, linking enterprise data solutions with users in the field

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  • Real-time status checks on team members across your organization
  • One-touch response and simple status adjustments to meet your organizational needs
  • Push critical information and clarify your priorities
  • See individual acknowledgements in real time with read receipt or signature
  • Built-in synchronization gives users access to their information in any environment—in the field, on a plane or at sea—regardless of cell coverage
Team Management
  • Quickly spin up teams and adjust membership within and across organizations
  • Use SMS invites for app onboarding and SMS backup comms for those without the app
  • Share critical documents with your people—and know when they have read and acknowledged those documents
  • Access real-time information on-the-go from the mobile application; review reports and manage data from the convenience of your desktop
Data Organization
  • Automate data collection for easy reporting
  • Collect structured information where none existed before
  • Build an enterprise data asset that supports decision making, AI, and ML with automatically aggregated responses
  • Support low-friction data collection with SMS data capture capabilities – no app required

“Every time I use Mustr, the ‘generate report’ button saves me two hours of Excel data entry.”

- USAF Pilot and Detachment OIC

The Security of Your Data Is Our Highest Priority

Mustr is built on our premier Zero Trust Platform. Our technology is built from the ground up to meet the most stringent security and compliance requirements in the industry—so you know your data is always safe.

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