We believe that excellence begins with mastery of the fundamentals. Our philosophy is rooted in being brilliant at the basics. This means delivering reliable, user-friendly, and purposeful software that meets the rigorous demands of military operations.

About Adyton

Adyton was built from the beginning to tackle real-world problems we know all too well. Founded by former non- commissioned officers in 2019, we know what it's like to work in challenging environments, and we know how it feels not to have critical information when you need it most.

Our commitment to brilliance in the basics ensures that every product we develop is grounded in simplicity, precision, and functionality. By focusing on core principles-like seamless user experience, airtight security, and real-time responsiveness-we empower military personnel to perform their duties more efficiently and effectively.

At the heart of our innovation is a dedication to understanding the unique challenges faced by our military clients. We prioritize constant feedback and collaboration, ensuring our solutions are intuitively aligned with the practical needs of service members. Through excelling in the basics, we lay a solid foundation for innovation and growth, ensuring that our products enhance mission success and operational readiness.

At Adyton, brilliance at the basics is not just a philosophy: it's our promise to the military community we proudly serve.

OUR Mission

We are bringing the front line online- with rugged and intuitive mobile software products that make the people who protect us more resilient, ready and responsive.


We believe in the power of technology to safeguard strong, resilient alliances. We envision a digital operational fabric that delivers a frictionless experience for the organizations that protect our societies from foreign attackers. It seamlessly integrates partners and allies, enabling them to collaborate and operate with a velocity that outpaces our adversaries.

Our Values

Impact Is Our North Star. Our unique advantage is our empathy for our users, our expertise in our domain, and our moral backbone that says - if we can, we must.



We share a common goal of impact
We share the load to help each other
We share our best every day



We push for massive impact
We push for candid feedback
We push to be 1% better every day



We take responsibility for our impact
We take pride in our work
We take initiative through our actions

Team Stats

Over 100 Years of Combined Military Service

With over 20 combined deployments. We employ former members of the Department of Defense, including all military branches.

Team Stats

Over 75 Software Products Deployed

With more than 20 data integrations conducted and 10 security compliance approvals.

Team Stats

10+ Commercial Digital Transformation Projects

Our expertise bridges the gap between service and the private sector, where we've helped build Fortune 500 companies at the cutting edge of technology.

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