Breaking Tech Barriers: Transforming Operational Scheduling with Skeds

In the fast-paced, high-stakes environment of the Air National Guard and US Air Force, precision and efficiency are not just goals but necessities. The struggle to maintain distributed personnel accountability, the maze of scheduling decisions, and the constant pursuit of optimized team readiness - these challenges have long stood in the way of smooth and seamless operations. These are the challenges Skeds was built to meet, thanks to countless hours of servicemember interviews, feedback and collaboration throughout the development of this mobile scheduling platform.

Fragmented Systems, Fragmented Operations

Traditional scheduling methods, with their reliance on paper schedules, sign-up sheets, and excel files, have become cumbersome relics of the past. They hinder rather than help, causing headaches as flight schedulers navigate the complexities of availability and last-minute mission adjustments. The struggle to consider individual qualifications and operational requirements only adds to the burden.

Mobile Tech for A Modern Military

Skeds, part of the Adyton Operations Kit (AOK), revolutionizes operational scheduling by bringing the latest in mobile tech and security to daily military operations. Skeds provides tools for optimizing scheduling decisions, empowering leaders to make informed choices quickly. This means the right people, with the right qualifications, on every mission, maximizing their chances of success.

Scheduling with Structure

Skeds frees teams of administrative burden, allowing them to focus on what truly matters: the mission. Skeds features include:

  • Encrypted structured messaging through Mustr
  • Ability to schedule personnel directly to events or allow them to volunteer for available events
  • Secure access and flexible permissions for shared event calendars

Skeds offers the security and compliance of AOK’s Zero Trust platform, which also opens the door to integration with legacy systems. Its data generation capabilities lay the groundwork for AI, predictive analytics, and machine learning-assisted decision-making.

Focusing on the Essential

Skeds was built to help teams be brilliant at the basics of operations scheduling. Skeds and the Adyton Operations Kit assures less friction and more focus - focus that’s much needed for mission-critical work. With clarity and efficiency on their side, every mission is staffed with fully qualified, instruction-compliant crews, enhancing effectiveness and safety for everyone.

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