Active Duty and National Guard join forces with start-up to modernize scheduling

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Oct. 25, 2021

Dallas, Texas—Today, Adyton, a veteran-owned, venture-backed American Public Benefit Corporation, is delighted to announce that it has been awarded an AFWERX Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase Two award to extend its mobile-first commercial software platform, Mustr, to help modernize operational scheduling across the Department of Defense.

Historically, complex security and compliance protocols have made it difficult for the DoD to move beyond an antiquated patchwork of asynchronous data and communications systems, which continue to drive operational inefficiencies. Adyton is changing all of that with Mustr — an enterprise mobile software accountability product designed to streamline day-to-day operations for distributed teams securely and in real time. 

The core Mustr product has already been deployed at scale with dozens of organizations and thousands of individual users across all branches of the Department of Defense. This AFWERX SBIR award follows multiple prior awards to evaluate the feasibility of adapting and extending Mustr to other defense use cases.  

As Mustr evolves with more dynamic, mobile-first scheduling functionality, both Active Duty and National Guard components will have access to a user-friendly software product capable of keeping pace with the demanding operational tempo with which many defense organizations must contend.  

“We designed Mustr from the start to be a flexible and extensible platform that can evolve as quickly as the DoD’s complex and ever-changing mission requirements,” said James Boyd, Co-founder & CEO of Adyton. “We are honored that the Air Force and National Guard have recognized the value in Adyton’s mobile-first approach, and we are excited to expand our partnerships with the defense community to further empower service members to operate more efficiently and to help military leaders at all levels use data to make decisions.” 

“Current state, there is a veritable alphabet soup of legacy systems that were built to solve for some portion of operational scheduling,” said Adyton Co-founder JJ Wilson. “After thousands of hours of interviews with hundreds of personnel in defense aviation and elsewhere, we are not aware of any other effort to take a mobile-first look at the scheduling challenge. From our perspective, mobile is the critical unlock. In my civilian life, I run everything through the calendar on my phone. There’s no reason why a tanker unit in the Air Force or a C-130 unit in the Guard can’t do the same.”

Mustr’s scheduling extension will be prototyped and tested in partnership with Air National Guard and Active Duty Air Force organizations and personnel. This new expansion of Mustr’s functionality is yet another example of how the product is connecting enterprise data systems with users in the field and has the flexibility to be modified to support any organizational need or goal. 

About Adyton

ADYTON is a veteran-owned, venture-backed American Public Benefit Corporation founded in 2018 by special operations veterans dedicated to building world-class mobile software for people who serve. Adyton launched Mustr, its flagship application, on October 6, 2021. 

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