Adyton's Zero Trust Architecture, the foundation of our entire suite of products, is grounded in the real world problems faced by our users. It enables precise access, real-time collaboration, and advanced data protection reflective of the sensitivities of the enterprise.

FOR MAXIMUM collaboration



The enterprise has flexible control over information with a composite sets of controls that can be applied dynamically based on threat models and application data.


Precise Data Asset Protection

Protection is set at the atomic data asset level, allowing the enterprise to determine access utilizing logic around varying policy controls.



Maximize collaboration by allowing users to get access to the information they need wherever they are to get the job done.


Zero Trust Focuses on
Data Protection

Our Zero Trust framework assumes that a network’s security is always at risk to both external and internal threats. Zero Trust is not dependent on a security perimeter, as users, devices and application workloads are now everywhere. Our Zero Trust architecture eliminates implicit trust and continuously validates every stage of a digital interaction.


CONTEXTually determined
access control

Built on Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) and Role Based Access Control (RBAC) methods, our control method factors in several signals including: strong authentication of users via MFA, client application identity, device trust state, fraud detection signals, user clearance level, and operating environment of the user or the application. 

This enables the management of specific authorization and access policies including: discretionary, hierarchical, data classification, role-based, and environmental access permissions including encryption method, device operating system hygiene, device trust, and authentication method.


Endpoint Data Control

Applications built using our Zero Trust Platform allow for delegated access to designated leaders throughout the Enterprise to take on-the-fly remedial action to protect Enterprise information. This includes built in remote application data wipe, options for remote access revocation and full session audit. 

No data migrations required: keep your own data in your own systems.



Our Zero Trust platform is designed to meet the most sensitive workloads including IL5+ and classified use cases, and is engineered from the ground up to address security and compliance requirements including but not limited to the following policies:

NIST SP 800-53r5 (Control Catalog)
CNSSI 1253 (National Security Systems Overlay)
DoD FedRAMP+ MMX (Control Overlay)
CNSSI 1253F Privacy Overlay for PHI
NIST 800-63r3
NIST 800-124

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