Start-up Jumpstarts Ground Vehicle Maintenance for USAF

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Jan. 07, 2022

Dallas, Texas—Adyton is delighted to announce today that it has been awarded an AFWERX Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase Two award to extend its mobile-first commercial software platform, Mustr, to modernize ground vehicle maintenance across the Air Force and Air National Guard.

Military readiness often brings to mind multimillion dollar warfighting machines, such as the F-35 or the Space-Based Infrared System. Equally pivotal to national security, however, is the maintenance of  forklifts, patrol cars and other ground vehicles. An inordinate amount of servicemember time is currently devoted to filling out equipment inspection forms -- forms that have not been updated since 1979. In fact, 14 of the 18 fields on the form are redundant, meaning that servicemembers are actually filling out 98,000 fields of unnecessary information every year. 

Adyton is solving for this problem and others by revolutionizing how hundreds of vehicles are serviced and maintained with Mustr -- an enterprise mobile software accountability product designed to streamline day-to-day operations for distributed teams securely and in real time. It will replace mundane protocols that have made it difficult for the DoD to move beyond an outdated and monotonous paper trail. It will also guarantee, at the end of the day, the information that needs to be properly collected and easily categorized and analyzed.

“The average member of the Logistics Readiness Squadron spends two to three hours a day doing data entry, instead of turning a wrench,” said James Boyd, co-founder & CEO of Adyton. “That changes with Mustr. This recent evolution of the Mustr platform shows how the platform can be designed to allow for new capabilities and functionality.”

“The user interface is mobile and online so it’s a one and done — no need to take it back to the office and upload data,” says Maj. Marc Bleha, 377th LRS commander. “The analytics will provide the ability to forecast future maintenance trends, identify disparate unit challenges that affect the entire fleet, and put our data to work for us so we can operate in a more effective, predictive manner — thus saving time, money and increasing vehicle availability.”

The core Mustr product has already been deployed at scale with dozens of organizations and thousands of individual users across all branches of the Department of Defense. This AFWERX SBIR award follows multiple prior awards to evaluate the feasibility of adapting and extending Mustr to other defense use cases. The new expansion of Mustr’s functionality will quickly compound efficiencies within the DoD and increase readiness. 

About Adyton

ADYTON is a veteran-owned, venture-backed American Public Benefit Corporation founded in 2018 by special operations veterans dedicated to building world-class mobile software for people who serve. Adyton launched Mustr, its flagship application, on October 6, 2021. 

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Start-up Jumpstarts Ground Vehicle Maintenance for USAF
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