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DALLAS, Oct. 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Adyton, a veteran-owned, venture-backed American Public Benefit Corporation that builds world-class mobile software for people who serve, is announcing today the launch of Mustr, their flagship product and the DoD's newest accountability tool.

Mustr makes it fast, simple and secure to manage distributed personnel from any desktop or mobile device. Its built-in communications tools, automated data collection and flexible deployment model were designed for the high-stakes military environment but can also be put to use in organizations of all sizes.

For hours every day, military leaders are toiling with productivity tools, text chats and phone trees just to get an idea of everyone's status, qualifications and readiness. By the time military leaders have the data to make decisions, the data is often outdated and unactionable.

"Working through the patchwork of analog tools is not only frustrating; it's expensive. I'm excited to see Silicon Valley technology and ideas put to use tackling our nagging logistical problems," says Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Malcolm Frost, Former Commanding General at Center for Initial Military Training, United States Army.

Mustr solves these underlying issues by putting streamlined, real-time information in the palms of leaders' hands. The technology will transform the Department of Defense into a twenty-first century, mobile-enabled organization.

"Our service members already have some of the most difficult jobs in the world, and a backlog of monotonous paperwork and antiquated technology only make those jobs harder," says Garry Tan, co-founder of Initialized Capital. "We are excited to support Adyton as they push the Department of Defense into the 21st century. Mustr will streamline how the largest employer in the world operates, compounding efficiencies with software."

"The Adyton Mustr platform will bring a new level of agility and security to universal DoD workflows - enabling distributed organizations not only to maintain accountability of their personnel but also to rapidly gather information and generate data that can be used to support leadership decisions," says James Boyd, Adyton's CEO and Co-Founder.

"We empower organization leaders - from the lowest first-line supervisor to the commanding officer of a unit - to pull actionable, accountable information from their personnel in real time, which in turn generates structured data that's not only tied back to the individual service member but also automatically aggregated at the unit level," says JJ Wilson, Co-Founder and President of Adyton.

Adyton is committed to ushering in a new era of technologically-enabled mobile decision-making for the military. As the demands of 21st century readiness and warfare broaden and intensify, outdated systems are not just an inconvenience; they are an operational underbelly. Mustr meets the moment with streamlined accountability and communications that moves as quickly as people do.

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ADYTON is a veteran-owned, venture-backed American Public Benefit Corporation founded in 2018 by special operations veterans dedicated to building world-class mobile software for people who serve. Adyton launched its flagship application, Mustr, on October 6, 2021. Follow us on Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter to keep up with company news.

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Mustr Launch Press Release
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