A Fresh, Focused Take On Our Core Values

As companies grow and evolve, so does their culture. With intentional guidance, culture can evolve to support even greater, more meaningful growth. We are so excited to share a fresh, focused take on our original core values:

Impact is Our North Star

We are in the business of serving people who serve. We are building the best company, the best team, and the best product, to achieve the greatest impact. Our unique advantage is our empathy for our users, our expertise in our domain, and our moral backbone that says - if we can, we must.


We share a common goal of impact

We share the load to help each other

We share our best selves every day


We dare to achieve massive impact

We dare to practice intentional feedback

We dare to be 1% better every day


We take responsibility for our impact

We take pride in our work

We take initiative through our actions

We chose impact as our north star because we want to start with the why. Why are we even here? We are here because we are trying to collectively create the most impact to improve the daily lives of our users - in many cases, our users are friends, family members, husbands, wives, siblings.

We chose to focus on three values to do exactly that: to focus our team on the right behaviors for making the most impact. We can't do this alone. We need to work (and work well) together - this is the team-first mentality. We need to get comfortable with the uncomfortable, and embrace new skills and learning. This requires vulnerability. We need to embrace difficult conversations, as this is necessary for individual and team improvement. Finally, we need to be accountable to ourselves and our team for what we have committed to do. This is the essence of extreme ownership.

As a team we will continue to embed our values throughout our work, processes, and environment to create the strongest foundation we can. Because we if can, we must.

Director, Marketing

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