Adyton Brings Mobile-first Flight Scheduling to AFWERX Spark Collider

Austin, Texas — Adyton is celebrating its selection as a showcase company at the US Air Force’s Spark Collider pitch event, hosted by AFWERX at The Capital Factory in Austin, Texas. 

Adyton was chosen on the basis of its recent Phase I Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Award through AFWERX.

During the two-day Spark Collider event, more than one hundred and fifty Airmen representing fifty USAF installations, as well as two hundred entrepreneurs representing one hundred SBIR Phase I companies, joined together in an ongoing effort to make inroads through bureaucratic processes and to match viable business solutions with persistent Department of Defense challenges.   

For Spark Collider, Adyton was pleased to showcase its mobile-first solution to address the complex challenge of flight & crew scheduling for defense aviation. 

“Our mobile-first approach is unique among companies who have taken a crack at the flight scheduling problem,” said Adyton president J.J. Wilson. “Historically, we’ve bought flight scheduling software from the same companies that built the airplanes. With modern, user-focused mobile software, we’re able to provide a scheduling capability as dynamic as the operational environment itself.”

Adyton’s scheduling solution was built upon the company’s mobile-first technology platform, which has been engineered from the ground up to exceed DoD’s complex security and compliance protocols. 

With a mobile-first approach, the Department can finally move beyond a patchwork of asynchronous data and communications systems, which lead to operational inefficiencies and increased costs. With Adyton’s scheduling solution, Airmen are empowered to streamline day-to-day operations for distributed teams while communicating in real time. 

AFWERX is a US Air Force program that helps Airmen develop solutions to the challenges they face within the Air Force through partnerships with private sector business entities, with particular emphasis being placed on collaboration with technology startups. The goal of this program is to foster a culture of innovation within the service. 

“When you’re truly talking about building out an ecosystem, it requires companies who are exchanging capital to be able to grow. To enable that, we must facilitate customer discovery, help them find their end customers with the help of the government and actually solve problems that matter,” said Capt. Joey Arora, AFWERX co-founder and Director of Ecosystem Development. “That’s how we’re actually solving problems for the Air Force.”


This process enables thoughtful, deliberate, ground-up innovation across the Air Force through an approach that combines startup urgency with the largest pool of motivated talent in the world to uncover opportunities to improve Air Force capabilities. 

“We are honored that the Air Force has recognized the potential in Adyton’s mobile-first approach,” says Adyton co-founder James Boyd. “We are committed to supporting the defense community’s needs for secure and agile communications tools. Opportunities such as Spark Collider bring us together with the end user and unlocks meaningful feedback for future development. We are excited about the possibilities.” 

About Adyton

ADYTON is a veteran-owned, venture-backed American Public Benefit Corporation founded in 2018 by special operations veterans dedicated to building world-class mobile software for people who serve. 

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