Adyton Named Showcase Company in Guard's 21st Century Drill Initiative

Tucson, Arizona — Adyton is pleased to announce it was named one of twenty-five showcase companies in the ARCWERX21st Century Drill” Initiative, hosted in partnership with CyberWorx and the Air National Guard. The asynchronous design sprint convened numerous industry experts to restructure the future of “drill,” which refers to the National Guard’s monthly training weekends.

Given that Guardsmen are typically only “in-person” with their units during these once-per-month weekends, unit leaders need a way to communicate and execute operational tasks across the formation during periods between drill weekends. Unfortunately, most off-the-shelf communication apps, which are great for things like chat among small groups, struggle to support actual military workflows across large formations.

“With the limited time Guardsmen have during drill weekends, we need to make sure that time is dedicated to things like mentorship and training, rather than paperwork,” says J.J. Wilson, Co-Founder of Adyton. “We are proud to partner with states across the National Guard in shaping what drill should look like in the twenty-first century.” 

Adyton builds world-class mobile software for people who serve. Its flagship product, Mustr, makes it fast, simple and secure to manage distributed personnel from any desktop or mobile device. Its built-in communications tools, automated data collection and flexible deployment model were designed for the high-stakes military environment. Mustr puts streamlined, real-time information in the palms of leaders' hands to make informed decisions. 

About Adyton

ADYTON is a veteran-owned, venture-backed American Public Benefit Corporation founded in 2018 by special operations veterans dedicated to building world-class mobile software for people who serve. 

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Adyton Named Showcase Company in Guard's 21st Century Drill Initiative
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