Statement on the 20th Anniversary of 9/11

Since 9/11, over 2.77M Servicemembers have deployed in support of U.S. military operations overseas. The conflict experience of each of these individuals often persists in a deeply personal and frequently complex set of memories, emotions and beliefs. Similarly, each of these individuals may be affected in a deeply personal and complex way by the current situation in Afghanistan.

As a company with a number of veterans who spent time in both Afghanistan and Iraq, today we are reconnecting with our brothers- and sisters-in-arms, to reminisce over shared experience and to remind ourselves that it is okay to have a profound and complicated reaction to events of the past few weeks.

According to the VA, in recent years a veteran of the United States Armed Forces has committed suicide approximately every forty-five minutes. Since 9/11, Brown University estimates that over 30,000 active duty personnel and military veterans have died by suicide. For context, this is over four times the number of military personnel (>7,000) who have died as a result of combat operations.

Call a buddy. Text a friend. Check to see whether that crusty old NCO has figured out how to work Zoom yet. Above all, please remember that we are never alone.

Statement on the 20th Anniversary of 9/11
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