Mustr'S organizational impact

Mustr is in use and scheduled to be operationalized by defense and commercial organizations including U.S. Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard, corporate security, facilities management and industrial services. Users are able to leverage a variety of contracting options to conduct testing and evaluations leading up to a production roll out. We ensure rapid onboarding through first class support allowing the end user to see value -- quickly.
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Can this work on a personal device?

Yes - this software is designed to operate on any smart phone without any special enterprise software or mobile device management required.


But is working on a personal device secure?

Yes. This tool was designed to meet or exceed stringent DoD, PII, HIPAA and other federal information requirements, and application data is fully encrypted. For government customers we have a GovCloud hosted service.

This application was built on the Adyton Mobile App Stack and includes:
FIPS 140-2 Cryptography
Encrypted data at rest
Encrypted data in transit
Remote wipe
Remote access revocation
Device based authentication


What about privacy?

It’s your data and we take your privacy seriously. Your organization’s data is not for sale, nor will we ever share it with anyone else. We track usage analytics to support feature usage, development and improvement.


What about the data my team creates in the app?

All data is fully encrypted at rest in a cloud environment hosted by one of our trusted cloud providers and on the mobile device of your users.


What about AWS GovCloud for government users?

A GovCloud hosting option is available for government users. We can support on-prem or private cloud hosting if required for compliance reasons. Contact us for more information.


How does remote wipe work?

If a user loses a phone with the application installed, your administrators can initiate a remote wipe of the application data. It doesn't affect other applications or settings on the user phone.


Does this work on both IOS & Android?



Do all of the members of
my unit or organization
have to download the app?

No, we also support SMS users who are unable to or do not wish to download an app to their phone.

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