From the Back Office to the Boots on the Ground

At Adyton, we believe mobilized workforces deserve tools that are equal to the challenges they face in the field. That’s why we’re empowering leaders and personnel with technology that enables them to focus on the task at hand. 

We simplify communication to save time and eliminate confusion. We amplify our users’  efforts with solutions designed for their unique needs. We unify teams to ensure they can get the job done safely and efficiently.


We work collaboratively, embracing diverse perspectives and staying accountable to one another—because we believe we each win when we all win.
A service mindset means we’re always looking for new ways to support and empower the people who rely on our technology.
We pursue progress not only by maintaining a high standard for what we help our customers accomplish but also by adapting our own goals for a world in constant flux.
Inspired by what our customers face every day, we’re guided by a passion for solving the challenges that make their jobs more difficult, frustrating and complex.
We believe in a safer and more stable world, one where democracy and freedom are safeguarded by strong, resilient alliances powered through a digital operational fabric that unifies action, deters aggressors, and develops a trust that transcends organizational and geographical boundaries. 

In this world the men and women that protect our societies from foreign attackers seamlessly integrate and collaborate with partners and allies through frictionless digital experiences that enable them to operate with a velocity that outpaces our adversaries

The infrastructure that powers these institutions ensures data and applications go where they are needed. It assumes no trust inside any boundary. It protects information at the most atomic level, and adapts the virtual world to meet the needs of the real world.

Our Technology

Our technology is designed to address the challenges of security, connectivity and compliance faced by workforces in the field. We mitigate risk and bring digital functionality to the most austere and highly regulated environments in the world.


Built on Zero Trust Architecture that meets the most stringent enterprise information security requirements.


Purpose-built to bring digital impact to the places where work gets done.

AI/ML Friendly

Designed to create structured data at the source to fuel artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Social Responsibility

Founded by military veterans moved by a deep personal commitment to service, we’re devoted to fostering a workplace that makes a tangible difference for our community and our world.


Adyton is incorporated as a Public Benefit Corporation. That means we are mandated through our charter to make a positive impact on the world. We achieve this mandate by promoting public safety through technologies that protect information from hostile and unauthorized actors.

Veteran Hiring

We know from personal experience that military veterans possess unsurpassed grit, drive and passion—but can struggle to translate their expertise to the private sector. Through our mentoring programs, veterans have an opportunity to develop their skills to become the most determined engineers on the planet.

Military Spouse Hiring

With what is often called the hardest job in defense, military spouses demonstrate profound organizational skills, but can be challenged by navigating complex military structures and continuous relocation. We proactively create professional opportunities for military spouses to grow their careers, whether they’re in Korea or Kentucky.

Post-conflict Hiring

As soldiers, we served with partner nation militaries around the world, trusting our allies to have our backs. We also saw how economic prosperity leads to peace, security and stability. In uniform, we built roads and markets to create new opportunities in conflict zones. At Adyton, we create jobs and opportunities to increase prosperity in post-conflict zones.

Data Ownership

Our customers own all their own data, full stop. Too often, technology companies take advantage of unwitting customers. We seek to set a better example. Our customers own all their own data, which we protect, structure, and maintain. Our customers rely on that stewardship, so we make sure they know it’s never for sale, never used for advertising, and never locked in.

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“A quote from someone that speaks to the information above and how they relate.”

- J.j. Wilson, founder & CEO
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